Knowledgebase: Single Page Site
How do I create my Single Page site?
Posted by Maria Brosnan on 17 June 2016 10:09 AM

To start building your Single Page Site, log in to My Account on the Freeparking website and click manage next to the domain you want to enable your Single Page Site for. Click on the 'Service Management' tab and scroll down and click on Modify under Manage Single Page Site. On the next page click on Enable Single Page Site and you will be presented with three options: Page Manager, File Manager and Manage Site Info.

Page Manager is where you can select the template for your site and get started editing the content of the single page. File Manager is where you can upload the four images that you want to use on your page. Manage Site Info allows you to enter a brief description of the site, keywords for the page and the page title for search engine listings.