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Edit the DNS records Freeparking holds for your domain name
Posted by Maria Brosnan on 17 June 2016 10:27 AM

You are able to edit the following DNS Records using the ‘Name Server Records’ tool in ‘My Account’:

IP Number (A record) - point your domain name to your website.
Aliases (CName record) - an alias of a canonical name
Mail servers (MX Record) - define your email server(s)
Descriptive Records (TXT Record) - apply text records for other information (such as SPF records)

The 'Edit DNS Records' option will not be viewable under My Account if your domain name is not currently using the Freeparking DNS servers ( and

If you wish to edit your DNS records, then you must first change your DNS server settings to use Freeparking's DNS servers, which you can do using the 'Domain Name Servers' button.