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How do I get my website listed on Search Engines?
Posted by Maria Brosnan on 17 June 2016 10:44 AM

Search Engine Registration is vitally important, as it allows your website to be found by potential visitors and customers!

When you submit your website URL to a Search Engine, the Search Engine then adds your site to a waiting list of sites to be visited and indexed. Your website will not appear in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) until it has been indexed. The length of time it can take for a Search Engine to visit and index your site can vary anywhere from 1 week up to several months.

You should normally allow 3-4 months for the major Search Engine’s like Google and Yahoo! to add your site to their index. Even after it has been indexed, there may still be a waiting period of up to 6 weeks before your site is added. There is also unfortunately no guarantee that a Search Engine will index your entire site on the first visit.

You can submit your site to all of the Search Engines listed below for free, however some Search Engines also provide a service whereby you can pay a fee and have your website listed in a shorter period of time and/or have your website displayed in a prominent position on the Search Engine Results Pages.

There are literally thousands of different Search Engines around the world, but you will find that most follow the same general method of accepting website submissions.


This link will take you directly to the “Add your URL to Google” page. Then it’s simply a case of entering your website’s full URL, which includes the http:// prefix. For example, would be our Freeparking website’s full URL. You may also add comments or keywords that describe the content of your page. These are used only for information and do not affect how your page is indexed or used by Google.

Finally, to show Google that you are a human and not a computer ‘bot’, you will need to read the word displayed on the page (usually in a distorted way) and type it into the box provided. Then just click the ‘Add URL’ button and you’re done!


To submit your website URL to Yahoo! you need to visit the page and click on ‘Suggest a Site’ from the menu at the bottom of the page. Click on this link to go directly to the ‘Submit Your Site’ page now. On the next screen you will be asked to enter in your Yahoo! ID and password if you have one, or alternatively sign up for a Yahoo! ID if you don’t have one. Signing up is just a case of completing some contact details, your date of birth etc, and agreeing to the Yahoo! Terms of Service. After completing the sign-up page, on the next screen just type your website’s full URL into the ‘Submit a Website or Webpage’ box provided, and click on the ‘Submit URL’ button to make it happen!


You can add your new website URL to the SearchNZ Search Engine using the ‘Add Site’ option from the menu under the search box at Alternatively, this link will take you directly to the ‘Add Your Site’ page. You will need to log in or create an account with SearchNZ.  On the first screen you are required to enter your website’s full URL into the box provided, also a contact email address for verification of your authority to be submitting the site, and the Submission Code to confirm that you are a human and not a computer ‘bot’. The next screen requests a description of your website – this should be a brief but meaningful, and ‘key word’ rich, description of what the page is about. This description should basically match the which will be embedded into the HTML code of your web page.

Following the description you need to enter some contact details and just confirm if you want to receive future correspondence from SearchNZ about promoting your website. The only thing left then is to click the ‘Submit’ button and it’s finished.