Can I hide the ‘whois’ details of my domain?
Posted by Neil Spierling on 19 June 2013 02:12 PM

For .nz Domains registered with Freeparking you can request a Whois sheild for the domain if it is registered to an individual and is not being used for trading.

There is no charge for a Whois sheild for .nz Domains.

You can request the Whois sheild from your Freeparking account.

Once logged in manage the Domain and go to Service Management. Find the WHOIS Privacy section and tick the "I wish to enable WHOIS privacy and have read and accept our .nz Domain Name Terms and Conditions" box and click the Enable button.


For Top Level Domains (.com, .net, .info etc.) registered with Freeparking.

You can purchase a ‘whois shield’ service for the domain – this effectively hides the whois details from the public.

NZ, AU and UK domain names do not support this ‘whois shield’ - it is a requirement that the ‘whois’ details for these domains be publically displayed.

The charge for adding a whois shield for Top Level Domains is $25+GST annually.

To request whois privacy, please log a ticket with our support team.