Adding an Email Account or Mailbox
Posted by Maria Brosnan on 23 June 2016 05:07 PM

Adding an Email Account or Mailbox

From there you will be presented with a login screen as shown below.

Login screen

Log in using the details provided to you in your initial setup email. Once you have logged in you will be presented with the screen below.

main screen

Click on 'Manage Accounts' from the top menu and then click 'Add Account' to create a new mailbox. Fill in the details as necessary:

Full Name: This is a description of the account e.g. Sales Department or Bob Smith
Address: This is the email address that you would like to add e.g. sales or bob
Password: A password of your choice (preferably 8 letters minimum, containing at least 1 uppercase letter and one number)
Verify Password: verification of the password you entered

Note: Clicking 'Generate new password' will assign a randomly generated password to your email account.

Click the Submit button to create your new account

Add Account

If you have any difficulty please contact Support.