Single Page Site - First Time Instructions
Posted by Maria Brosnan on 27 June 2016 05:24 PM

These instructions are provided to assist users in setting up your own Single Page Site.

To start using the Single Page Site, first login to your Freeparking account by clicking “My Account” on the site. If you have multiple domains in your Freeparking account, you will need to select the “Manage” button next to the domain you wish to use the Single Page Site for.

If you only have one domain then the domain management screen will automatically appear for you.

On the “Manage Domain” screen click on Service management and locate the “Single Page Site” section and click the “Modify” button.

Enable Single Page Site

If this button is not available you will need to contact Freeparking support for information on how to enable the Single Page Site for the domain.

On the next screen click the “Enable Single Page Site” button.

Enable button

This will enable the Single Page Site for the domain and provide access to the sections for managing the page, images and Meta tags.

Adding Custom Logos and Images

Once the single page site service is enabled you are presented with some choices. You may first want to start by entering the “File Manager” section and adding any image files you want to show on your Single Page Site.

File Manager

These maybe logos or other relevant images or pictures. The supported image formats are .jpg, .gif and .png. You may upload up to four images. You can later add these to your Single Page Site.

To upload an image to the File Manager section click on one of the “Browse” buttons and locate the file in the directory structure on your computer, select it and click “Open”. The selected file name should show in the field beside the Browse button you used.

Click the “Upload New Files” button

Upload new files

Once uploaded the file will show in the “Current Website Files” section.

Current Website Files

Any images uploaded to the File Manager section will be available to add to the site from the page editor. You can have up to 4 images on the Single Page Site. If you do not want to include logos or additional images on your Single Page Site, ignore the File Manager and proceed to the next step.

Creating your Site

To begin creating the site click the “Page Manager” button under the section for “Page Management” (you may need to return to the Main Menu to see that).

Page Management

Use the “Template” drop down menu and select a Template to use and click the “Next” button. The Blank White template is proving very popular for the freedom it provides. That is the template chosen in the example below.


At the next window you should be provided with an editing environment similar to many Word Processors such as Microsoft Word.

Text Editor

You can enter any information you want to show on your site here. If you have added custom logos or images to the File Manager section you can insert them by selecting the “Insert/Modify Image” button as shown below and selecting the logo or image you wish to add and clicking the OK button.

Insert Image

When you are happy with the wording and the layout click the 'Save Page Content' button.

Page Manager

You will have finished creating your Single Page Site. You can view your Single Page Site by visiting your Domain Name in a browser. That will be what other people will see when they browse to your Domain Name. 

You can return to update the site at any stage using the instructions below.

Editing your Single Page Site

If you need to make any changes to your Single Page Site after it has been created, log into your Freeparking account as per the steps above, and navigate to the 'Manage Single Page Site' button.

At the Single Page Site screen under the “Page Management” section click the “Page Manager” button.

Page Manager

The “Template Manager” screen will display. If required you can select a new template from the drop down list for the site to use or click the “Next” button to continue to the page editor.


You can make any additional changes you want in here and then click the “Save Page Content” button.

Save Page Content

Save Page Content

Managing Page Meta Tags

You can add and manage the SEO Meta tags for the site from the “Titles and Descriptions” section.

Titles and Descriptions

Click the “Manage Site” Info button. Enter the required information into the Site Title, Website Description and Website Keywords fields and click the “Update Site Info” button.

Webmaster Settings

Deleting your Single Page Site

If you want to delete your Single Page Site and start again you can delete the page by clicking the “Delete Single Page Site” button in the “Disable/ Delete Single Page Site” section. This will permanently delete your Single Page Site and you will need to create another page if you wish to continue using Single Page Site.

Delete Single Page Site

Further Support

Further information and support regarding the Single Page Site maybe found in the following places:

Within the Single Page Site Help

By contacting the Freeparking team at