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Team Viewer Instructions
Posted by Aliesha Ellington on 11 December 2017 04:45 PM

If you are experiencing problems with the Freeparking systems, and contact us via phone support, you may be asked to install Teamviewer.

It saves alot of time and allows us to solve your problem quicker if you install Teamviewer BEFORE contacting us. 

Teamviewer is a remote control system that, once run on your system, will allow our support team to remote into your PC and see exactly what you are seeing on screen and take over control to assist you.

You can download the Teamviewer Quick Support program by clicking one of the links below :



When you run the program, you will see a screen displaying an ID number, and a randomly generated password. Pass this information on to the Support team member, and they will then be able to remote to your system.

Once the support staff member has been able to remote in, you will see a window appear indicating someone has connected.

Note : This only allows our staff to connect once you have given them the ID and password - they CANNOT connect to your system without these randomly generated details.

If you require more information on the Teamviewer system, you can view their FAQ here.

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