What are the correct Freeparking Email Service DNS Records
Posted by Tim Fisher on 19 February 2018 03:10 PM

The correct DNS records you should have in place for your Freeparking email service are as follows. These need to be in place in the DNS records for your domain name on the name servers the domain is currently using for DNS services.

For each instance of "<your domain name>", replace that with your own custom domain name.


MX Record

The MX record for the domain should point at "" with a priority of High or Xtra High.

Unless you have a backup or secondary email service for the domain elsewhere there should only be one MX record as shown above.


A Record

You should also have an A record for mail.<your domain name> pointing at the IP address


SPF Record

It is well worth haing an SPF record in place for your domain names email service. Many email providers are now using the SPF system as part of their anti spam measures. For your Freeparkign email service the following is what you should use.

Add a TXT record for <your domain name> as follows:

<your domain name> IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx ?all"