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Single Page Site FAQ's
Posted by Tim Fisher on 18 January 2019 02:18 PM

How do I create my Single Page site?

To start building your Single Page Site, sign in to the Login section on the Freeparking website and click manage next to the domain you want to enable your Single Page Site for.

Click on the 'Service Management' tab and scroll down and click on Modify under Manage Single Page Site.

On the next page click on Enable Single Page Site and you will be presented with three options: Page Manager, File Manager and Manage Site Info.

'Page Manager' is where you can select the template for your site and get started editing the content of the single page. 'File Manager' is where you can upload the four images that you want to use on your page. 'Manage Site Info' allows you to enter a brief description of the site, keywords for the page and the page title for search engine listings.

How do I add images to my free Single Page Site?

Before an image can be added to your page you need to upload it using the File Manager under the Manage Single Page Site section for the domain name.  Here you will be presented with two browse buttons and an Upload New Files button. Use the browse buttons to locate the images you want to upload on your computer.  Images will only upload if the file size is no more than 1MB.

Once you have found an image you want to use select it and click on open. Then click on Upload New Files to upload the image.

You can upload a maximum of four images and these must be in the standard image format in order to display on your site. e.g. .jpg, .gif or .png.

Once the image has been uploaded it can be added to the page from the Page Manager and clicking the Insert Server Image Icon from the top menu while editing your page.

Can I upload files using FTP to my free Single Page Site?

No, the Single Page Site does not include any FTP space for you to upload your own pages created outside of the SiteBuilder software.

Can I use my own web page or template on the Single Page Site?

You can only use the templates already provided with the Single Page Site. You will be able to add any text you want and up to four images on the page area of the template, but you will not be able to edit or replace the templates.

The template you select will only be viewable when you browse to your live website. It will not show when using the preview option of the single page site.

Is there a stats page where I can view the number of visitors to my site?

You can view the monthly web activity of your page under the Single Page Site section for your domain name in the Login section on the Freeparking website. Detailed statistics are only available for our web hosting plans.

How do I delete my Single Page Site?

If you want to delete your Single Page Site and start again you can delete the page by clicking the Delete Single Page Site button within the Manage Single Page Site section while managing the domain name. This will permanently delete your Single Page Site and you will need to create another page if you wish to continue.

Why is my Single Page Site option not available?

For the Single Page Site option to be available your domain needs to be using the Freeparking name servers ( and and the domain's 'A Records' pointing at the IP address  If you have Domain Redirection enabled that will disable the Single Page Site service also.

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