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General Affiliate FAQs
Posted by Tim Fisher on 18 January 2019 04:30 PM

What type of websites may be part of the Freeparking Affiliate Programme?

Most sites which are currently with Freeparking are welcome to join the Affiliate Programme as long as they are not adult sites, warez, ROM or emulator sites, and sites which promote or engage in illegal activity, hateful or racist speech. Freeparking maintains the sole right to choose its Affiliate members and to cancel Affiliate memberships at its discretion.

My website is not built yet, can I still join?

Your website must be up and running in order to join the Freeparking Affiliate Programme, since it needs to be reviewed by us and approved before you may become a member. We ask that you request membership in the Affiliate Programme when you have finished building your site.

How do I create the links to Freeparking?

Upon completion of your registration, you will be sent an acceptance email from Freeparking. You can then log into the My Account section on Freeparking's website and under the Affiliate tab click on 'Affiliate Banners', which will allow you generate the appropriate HTML code to copy and insert into your website.

Can I change the links provided?

No. All Freeparking intellectual property must not be altered without permission. Intellectual property includes scripting, images, media and any other items supplied by Freeparking's Affiliate Programme.

Are there a minimum number of sales I need to refer?

No! There is no minimum number of sales required to become or remain an Affiliate. Obviously, the more sales generated through your site, the more commission you get paid!

What’s the difference between a Reseller and an Affiliate?

A Reseller purchases services at a discounted rate from the retailer and then on-sells them to the end user, with the billing relationship being between the reseller and the end user.  The Affiliate simply refers business and receives a percentage of the sale price as commission, with the billing relationship being between the retailer and the end user. The reseller provides all services for their customers as they would their own business: ordering process, delivery and customer service. An Affiliate's involvement, on the other hand, ends once the visitor leaves their site.

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