Knowledgebase: Virtual Servers
Posted by Tim Fisher on 21 January 2019 03:08 PM

Who manages my server?

You will be required to manage your own server and provide support to your customers.

Freeparking can provide a ‘Managed Server’ for an additional $149 + GST per month, which includes monitoring and restarting of any service that fails on your server.  Details can be found on the following pages.

Who is responsible for Operating System patches on my server?

You are required to keep your server’s operating system up to date with patches at all times.

If you would like Freeparking to provide this additional service, we offer a managed server for an additional $149 + GST per month.  Please see the Virtual Dedicated Servers page on our Freeparking website for more details.

Who is responsible for providing backup services for my server?

If you specified 'no backup' when ordering your dedicated server, then you will be responsible for taking your own backups of your server.

Freeparking can provide backups as an optional extra for an additional fee – please refer to the pages below for details.


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