Understanding Sitewiz Disk Usage
Posted by Joshua A on 05 July 2019 08:35 AM

Understanding Sitewiz Disk Usage In the Cloud and On the Host Server.


Each Sitewiz subscription is allocated an amount of disk storage space both in the cloud editor and on the web hosting server.

When editing your website, you will have a limited amount of space with which you can upload media content into the cloud to be used in the Sitewiz website builder.


This cloud storage space will scale with each plan teir. 

Starter 500MB
StarterPlus eCommernce 1GB
Business eCommerce 2GB

 View our plan resources page here.


This disk space resource usage can be viewed from within the Sitewiz control panel from under the 'Files' menu.


The media library disk usage will also be displayed in the editor when uploading image media as shown below.


What happens if I reach this storage limit?

You will be unable to upload new media content to the Sitewiz editor.


Can I delete some of the content stored in the cloud?

Yes. You can remove images from your Sitewiz editor media library to recover disk space.


What happens if I delete an image used in my website from the media library?

Deleting an image from the media library will NOT remove the image from your website if it is already published. The media library is only for use in the creation of new pages or content.


How do I get more storage?

You can only increase the cloud storage space for your subscription, by upgrading to the next plan.


What is the cPanel web hosting server disk space used for?

When your website is published from the editor, your website contents are copied to the web server where it will be loaded from for future browsers of the site.