Setting Up Contact Forms With Sitewiz
Posted by Joshua A on 05 July 2019 08:36 AM

Setting Up Contact Forms With Sitewiz

Sitewiz makes setting up a contact form simple and easy, with no special or dedicated mail services being required.

Most Sitewiz templates will come with a contact form already present on a contact page. If not, its easy enough for us to add one.




1. Select 'Build' from the menu, then select 'Features' and locate the 'Form' option to drap and drop into your website page.


2. Once you have placed the form in the desired location on your page, hover over the form and a blue box will appear with the word 'Edit'


3. Selecting 'Edit' will open a black window and allow you to customise the form.



The layout menu will allow you to add and remove form fields as well as rearrange the order these appear in. You have a wide number of field options, each of which can be customized with different text or multi-choice submission options as is shown below.




  • FORM NAME: Setting the form name allows you to distinguish between different form submissions when adding multiple contact forms to your website.
  • SEND FORM TO: Set the email contact address you would like to recieve contact form submissions on.




  • TITLE: Select a title message to display to the user when a form is submitted.
  • DESCRIPTION: Add a longer message to display to users when submitting a form.
  • PLACEHOLDERS: Choose whether or not to display place holder text in each form submission field to prompt the user.
  • SPLIT FORM BY TWO ROWS: Choose whether or not to shorten the form length by splitting it into two rows
  • CUSTOM VALIDATION: Enabling validation, will allow you to add in a special validation message that will appear in red underneath the entry field. eg. 'Please enter your phone number including area code'

** Contact form submission emails will be sent from the website using the email contact '' **