Learning How to Build With Sitewiz
Posted by Joshua A on 05 July 2019 08:37 AM

Learning How to Build With Sitewiz

In order to access your Sitewiz control panel for website building, you first need to login to your customer account. You can login from the Freeparking website login page here.




1. Once your Sitewiz plan is active and ready to go, locate your Sitewiz subscription from the 'Services' menu before selecting 'Manage'.


2. Next select the 'Service Management' option from underneath the service heading.


3. Scrolling down ther page, you will find the option for 'Login' to 'Sitewiz Control Panel'.


4. Once logged into the 'Sitewiz Control Panel', you're ready to begin creating by selecting 'Create Site'.


5.  Select from one of the design templates. These are categorised into a few basic groups.


6. With a template selected, you can preview the different page layouts using the website content menu as well as select between single or multi-page layouts. If you are happy with your chosen template, select 'Create Site' to begin building.


 7. The following screen will load the website builder. Some of the tools shown on screen are breifly explained below.


1. Undo / Re-do buttons for editor actions.

2. Switch between the different device layouts and watch your website adpate responsively on the different screen formats.

3. Preview will allow you browse your website in production as it will appear in the final product. Publish will copy the website contents from the editor to the web server and make this website live to the public.

4. Build is where you can access the website content elements in the form of blocks or featues to add to your site such as contact forms or image galleries.

5. The Pages menu is where you can add or remove website pages as well as link pages to the main menu.

6. Store is where all website store elements are created and controlled. 

7. The theme section will allow you to set site wide preferences for different asthetic elements such as fonts, colors and hyperlinks.

8. Settings is where you can access different generic website behaviours such as error pages, image optimisation and changing your favicon.

9. Choose to hide or show the sidebar on the left, as well as highlight the page formatting for content elements.

10. The 'Help' section will provide an searchable, comprehensive user manual for the Sitewiz editor features. Most features or functions are explained and demonstrated in this user manual.