Sitewiz Free Trial
Posted by Tim Fisher on 11 October 2019 11:19 AM

How long is the Sitewiz Free Trial provided for?

A Sitewiz Free trial is provided for up to 28 days.

Will you remind me to renew my Sitewiz Free Trial?

Yes we will send several renewal reminder emails to the account contact email address during the 28 day free trial period.

Do I need a domain name to use the Sitewiz Free Trial?

You do not need a domain to use a Sitewiz Free Trial. It will work off a default sub domain provided by us for no charge. If you choose to move to a full Sitewiz plan you choose the domain it will use at that stage.

How many pages can I have?

You can only have 2 pages on the Sitewiz Free Trial.

Will I have access to all of the templates?

Yes all of the templates willbe available to you.

How do I change from the Sitewiz Free Trial to a full Sitewiz plan?

You would need to renew the Sitewiz Free Trial to change to use a full Sitewiz plan.

During the process you will get to choose which Sitewiz plan you want to change to and which domain name you want the plan to be for.

If you choose a domain name that does not have any existing hosting with Freeparking the change is automatic and will complete within minutes of the renewal payment having been processed. You will not need to republish the site.

If you choose to use a domain that already has a Freeparking hosting service then you will be automatically taken through a plan upgrade process. Once sumbitted and paid for the upgrade will be processed manually by one of the technical team as soon as possible. NOTE. Once the upgrade has been completed you will need to republish the site.