Knowledgebase: Registrant Transfer
Can I cancel my domain and re-register it to change the legal registrant?
Posted by Maria Brosnan on 16 June 2016 04:59 PM

This is not recommended. If you cancel a domain name it is not immediately made available to register again.

For cancelled .nz domain names, there is a holding (‘pending release’) period of 90 days before the domain name is released and becomes available for registration by a new party.

TLD domain names cannot actually be cancelled manually, they must be left to expire “naturally” i.e. the term they have been registered for must run out.

If you choose to wait until a domain name is released in order to register it under a different Registrant name, there is a very high risk that somebody else may register the newly released domain name before you do.

For instructions on how to change the legal owner of a domai name please see the 'How do I change the Registrant (legal holder) of a domain name?' Knowledgebase article.