Knowledgebase: Domain/URL Redirection
How do I set up or manage URL Redirection for my domain name?
Posted by Maria Brosnan on 16 June 2016 05:21 PM

To access and set up URL Redirection for your domain name, log in to My Account on the Freeparking website. Go to the Services tab and click manage next to the domain you want to enable URL Redirection for.  Click on the 'Service Management' tab and scroll down and click on the Modify Button under the URL Redirection section.

Once on the 'Edit URL Redirection' page click on the Show Advanced Options link at the bottom of the page.

Enter the target address into the Redirection to (URL): field.

Select the preferred redirection method using the Redirection Method drop down box. If you are not sure which redirection method to use we would suggest the 301 (Permanently Redirect) method. Please see the What do the different redirection methods mean? FAQ for explanations of each method.

Click the Save button to apply and the redirection will start working immediately.

NOTE: If you have just changed the name servers to Freeparking's name servers and / or just edited the 'A Records' for the domain to point at our redirection IP address of, then you will need to allow for normal DNS propagation to complete. This can vary from as little as one hour to 48 hours.