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No, payment will need to be made from a credit card stored against your account at the time you submit the pre-registration request.
No, pre-registration is only available for a term of 1 year. If you require a longer term just renew the domain name for the desired term once it has been successfully registered.
Yes, you can pre-register as many different domain names as you like, but remember that you will be responsible for paying the registration fees for those domains if they are successfully registered to you.
You must have a stored credit card for pre-registrations, so you are not able to remove it unless your pre-registrations are cancelled first. If you wish to change the stored credit card on your account please contact and they w...
No, there is no fee for pre-registration of a domain name. If we are successful in registering that domain name for you then you will need to pay the standard registration fee.
If we are unable to register your pre-registered domain name when it becomes available, we will send you an email to advise you that our attempts to register that domain were unsuccessful. You will not be charged any fees if we aren't able to register the...
If we are able to register your pre-registered domain name when it becomes available, we will then charge your stored credit card for the registration fee and send you a confirmation email.
If you submit a pre-registration request and then change your mind you will need to notify us at least 24 hours before the name becomes available so we can cancel the pre-registration. If you don't notify us and we are successful in registering the domain...
Yes, we will send you a notification if the registration was successful and also if it was unsuccessful.